Desktop Computers

Buying a new computer? Get a custom computer from Netcom Computer for your home or office. Not only will we build you a system that is exactly what you need, we will transfer your data to the new computer from your old system. With a computer from Netcom Computer, only buy what you need! We are the best place to buy a new computer in Canton Ohio or Akron Ohio.

Our competitive prices are just another reason to purchase a workstation from Netcom Computer. Most retail chains make you pay extra for a limited warranty and give you 1 to 2 years. We provide our customers with a 3-year limited warranty free of charge with most systems. We configure our computers to run fast and efficiently and do not put any extra annoying software on it that some stores Charge extra to remove.

Our computers are built with the highest quality parts. We use genuine Intel® hardware to build your high-end system. Microsoft Windows 7®  or  Windows 8® software will be installed. Netcom Computer will also install any provided programs with a valid license. Our Netcom Computer techs will make setup fast and easy. Your Internet and any peripheral devices (printers, keyboards and mice) will be configured to your new system.

We build with Intel parts
We will still install Windows 7 if you desire                  We install Windows 8         Windows10