Virus Removal


Computer running slow or not working correctly?  You may have a virus. There are several ways to get a virus such as opening an unknown email attachment or browsing unsafe websites. Sometimes a virus can just appear for no apparent reason. It can be harmless (like unwanted pop-ups with ads) or malicious and destructive going after your passwords or confidential information.

A computer virus is a program that is self-replicating. It enters your computer without your knowledge and infects it. Computer viruses then replicate themselves and spread through your computer and your network.

A Trojan virus, named after the famed Greek story, is a malicious program that disguises itself as a legitimate program. You may have downloaded it expecting some needed functionality. Trojans steal information or harm computer systems. They can be installed by Internet games and internet driven programs. They appear as harmless or something useful so victims will install them on their computer systems. they could give a hacker remote access to your computer.

A worm is a program that replicates itself. It doesn’t have to attach to an existing file. These cause harm to your network especially by eating up bandwidth. This could slow everything down. many worms create a backdoor to your computer to allow hackers to use it as they see fit.

Spyware is a program that gets installed without your knowledge or as part of something you thought you wanted. it collects data from your computers memory. it can record your keystrokes as you type confidential information like usernames and passwords. It can monitor what you do on your computer and the Internet. It then sends this information back to its creator usually in some foreign country.

Adware is a program installed on your computer that will display advertisements or constantly redirect your browser to unwanted websites. These programs are known to drastically slow down computers and Internet browsing.

anti virus programA good Antivirus software will stop 95% of these threats but new viruses come out everyday. If you go to an infected website the first day the virus comes out (before the antivirus companies can defend against it) or download unknown content you could still get infected. NetCom Computer can install and update whatever anti-virus software you prefer such as Symantec Norton, McAfee, kaspersky, AVG and Microsoft Security Essentials.

Many people are infected and do not even know it. here is a partial list of things a virus could do on your computer:

  • steal money electronically
  • steal your data(passwords, bank acount info, credit card numbers etc)
  • install other software that slows down your computer
  • modify or delete files on your computer
  • log your keystrokes as you type
  • watch your screen
  • crash your computer
  • use your computer to go to a bad Internet site that they do not want to get caught going to
  • use your computer as part of a botnet attack on another computer. (Spamming or denial of service attacks)

Netcom Computer provides virus removal services. We use very powerful AntiVirus and malware removal tools. We have had years of experience doing this. if you are thinking of trying to remove a virus yourself, please be very careful. Come of these programs can adjust vital system files and computer registry entries.

Malicious software tries to take advantage of operating systems vulnerabilities. This is why doing a Windows Update is vital in thawrting the spread of these threats.

let NetCom Computer solve your problem. We provide:

  • Virus, Spyware and Adware Scans
  • Computer Virus Removal
  • Spyware Removal
  • Adware Removal
  • Registry Cleaning
  • Install Anti-Virus Software
  • Install Anti-Spyware Software
  • Intall Anti-Adware Software
  • Computer Security Consulting
  • Operating System updates