Time Saving PC Keyboard Shortcuts

As more people are working from laptops, keyboard shortcuts have become a necessity. Even if you are using a desktop, keyboard shortcuts can save you a lot of time. The commands listed here are generally consistent across all PC computer programs.

Time Saving Shortcuts


When you use the CTRL + F function, you can quickly search documents or webpages for key terms. Once you press CTRL + F, a search box will open. Type the word or phrase that you want to locate in the search box.

Undo, Paste, Cut

Have any experience accidentally deleting an entire paper? Keep calm, and use CTRL + Z. This function works as a way to “undo” whichever action was just taken. Unlike the back arrow button on MS applications, there is no limit with how many times you can use the CTRL + Z function.

The first few keyboard shortcuts that many people use are cut & paste. The cut (CTRL + X) and paste (CTRL + V) functions  can be used for images as well as text.


If you use a lot of image editing applications, this shortcut will be especially useful. Zoom works in set increments.

Zoom In: CTRL +

Zoom Out: CTRL –

Remember, when you change the zoom in an application, it may default to that setting the next time that you open it.


CTRL + S, what a lifesaver. A good rule of thumb is to get into the habit of saving your work often. It’s easy to get out of the habit of clicking “save” frequently if you are used to using applications that automatically save every few minutes. Keep in mind that applications like PhotoShop and MS Office don’t have that capability yet. To ensure that you don’t lose your work when using these programs, save your work often.

It can be difficult to begin using shortcuts, but I guarantee it will save you time. Try out the shortcuts listed here and let us know if they work for you.